Only two weeks have passed since January 1st, and many things already happened to me.

  • We threw a simple birthday party for our unico hijo for his 1st birthday. ❤️ Time flies!
  • I purchased two long and exciting courses from Udemy to help me advance my career.
  • I am yet to purchase another course that would help me perform my job better. This course is meant to take eight months so it will be quite a ride!
  • I bought my first shirt this year. I rarely buy clothes. I only have two pairs of pants which are identical. Fashion is never my thing!
  • Our company chorale held its first rehearsal for two upcoming big events. I’m looking forward to performing again.

I am more than blessed to have a stable job, good family, and good friends. I hope everything will go well this year. I also pray to have the strength and the opportunity to accomplish my plans. As always, if I feel that God wants me to take a different path instead, I will gladly follow.

I hope you’re also doing great. Problems will never go away, so we must live a prayerful life to be guided accordingly. There is no better life than a purpose-driven life.

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