Difficulties in Life

Life could be very challenging for those who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Budgeting your money seems to be impossible at times. You are always thinking of ways to lessen expenses and earn extra cash. It’s a never-ending battle against the bills, especially if you have people depending on you.

When faced with problems, I believe God has better plans for my family and me. Being wealthy is not what I desire, but stability to provide for the needs of my loved ones. But sometimes, problems shake my faith, and anxiety gets the best of me. In those instances, I kneel and pray.

Millions of people worldwide are struggling in life, and I pray that their lives get better. But the sad reality is the poor become poorer while the rich become richer. Every day, more and more people become greedier than ever, turning away from all morality.

Life is short, and this fact is what many people choose to ignore. People lose their senses over greed, power, and lust, among many others, eventually losing their souls. Let us not be this kind of people. Instead, let us choose to be good, no matter how hard life is.

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