2022 Election in the Philippines: A Gentle Reminder

The recent national election in the Philippines has been highly toxic. I have always been a silent observer, understanding the points of each side and doing my best to keep an open mind with God’s help and guidance. I have never been loyal to any politician and will never be, especially those who run for the highest position. As the Bible says:

God doesn’t want us to put our trust in our fellow human beings. After all, we all commit mistakes and have our weaknesses, no matter how good we are. Instead, He wants us to trust Him because He always knows what’s best for us, even if we don’t seem to understand at first.

I see many people on social media cursing and unfriending others, especially those who do not want Bongbong Marcos (BBM) to win. While I understand that Marcos has a series of issues, denouncing your fellow Filipinos just because they voted for BBM is very unchristian. As of this writing, BBM garnered 31 million votes. So, are you saying those 31 million people are all evil or dumb? Who are you to judge?

I am no preacher and I’m far from one, but it is against my morality to denounce all those people who voted for BBM. All those voters and BBM are human beings which God created, and God wants ALL people to be saved as much as possible:

If BBM is an evil person until his death, let God judge him. What makes us think that he is not qualified to repent?

I am saddened by many posts on social media. There are times that I also want to yell out my opinions, but I want to be careful before posting something in public. Christians are supposed to be peacemakers:

Also, God is a God of peace:

Let us not add fuel to the fire. Remember that we are accountable for whatever comes out of our mouths:

Or are you not aware of this?

As Christians, we are obliged to pray for all people, including those in high positions so “we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.

I’m pretty sure that only a handful of people do this. Usually, people are against their government, so how would they even pray for them? You may not know this before, but God wants us to pray for those in the government. God even wants us to love our enemies! How can you love someone you have already unfriended?

In my opinion, this is the hardest commandment to follow. We usually hate our enemies and don’t even want to talk to them. However, God says that no commandment is burdensome to follow:

There is a secret to this. If you see yourself as someone unworthy, humility will follow.

I have experienced this many times. It’s challenging to approach a person who is your enemy, but if you position yourself as someone worthless or unworthy, you won’t have any pride left.

“…count others more significant than yourselves.” This is very striking to me. The usual attitude is that we see ourselves as superior to others, correct? I am very guilty of this, so this verse is a reminder. If you see yourself as less significant, it’s easier to approach and forgive your enemies.

Let’s put our trust in the Lord. Are you anxious that BBM won? Then pray:

Always remember that we’re nothing and we’re hopeless without God. While it is true that a president’s actions could worsen our lives, there is always, ALWAYS, a much higher power that is working.

The verse says ALL things, including even the bad things that may happen to us. If you have faith in the Lord, you’ll trust Him no matter what happens in this world. Let’s be reminded that our lives here on earth are just temporary and our ultimate goal is to reach Heaven, and we won’t reach it if we keep on bashing and cursing others (Matthew 5:9). If you really want to convert those people to your side, don’t anger them. Do it patiently and wisely.

This article is not a holier-than-thou post. I am also guilty of many things that I need to change. I intend to remind everyone, including myself, of the more important things than politics and life here on earth.


  • Put your trust in the Lord
  • Don’t judge others
  • God wants ALL people to be saved
  • We should be peacemakers
  • We’re accountable for every careless word we speak
  • We should pray for all those in high positions, regardless if we like them or not
  • Love your enemies
  • See yourself as unworthy; treat yourself as less significant than the others
  • Instead of being drowned in anxiety, pray to God (If you think you have an anxiety disorder, or if you experience repeated anxiety attacks, seek professional help, but above all pray to God)
  • All things work for the good of those who love God

May God bless us all!

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