To Socialize Or Not To Socialize

Have you ever felt like you don’t have the energy sometimes to go to social gatherings? Have you ever canceled a trip because you just don’t feel like it?

This time of the year (the new year in the Gregorian calendar), many people gather together with their families and friends to celebrate. And since the Gregorian calendar is the most used calendar in the world, most people are not working during this time so they take this opportunity to socialize. But what if you’re not up for it? Do you still choose to socialize or not?

I agree that we have a responsibility to our families and friends because bonding with them is a way to maintain and strengthen our relationships with them. However, there are times that we just feel exhausted or maybe we’re having some social anxiety that we don’t want to bond with them in the meantime. If you’re feeling this right now, I totally understand.

One might say to grow a pair and still go to social gatherings and be responsible. I don’t think so. It’s better to be happy being alone for a moment than to pretend to be happy being with others. Besides, you can bond with them some other time. It doesn’t have to be on a special occasion for you to bond with them. Special bonds are not always made during social gatherings on special occasions.

Do not force yourself to do something due to traditions. If you want to celebrate with others, you must want it for you to enjoy it. If you know you’re not going to enjoy it, you have all the right not to attend. And for those social groups who have a friend who could not attend for some reason, instead of letting them feel left out, get in touch with them. Let them feel that they are loved.

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