Want Convenience? Don’t Stop Working

We now live in a world where everything is expensive for an average man. Shelter is one of the necessities in life, and purchasing one would break the bank. Getting a mortgage would take at least 10 years to pay off. Top-of-the-line mobile phones cost more or less $2000. A decent brand-new car costs $20,000. In the United States, having a baby through normal delivery costs $5000 and that’s even the cheapest. 

If you can afford these things, then you’re well-off. Did you know that at least 689 million people live in extreme poverty globally? They only earn less than $2 a day. Yes, $2. It’s not even enough to buy a decent hot meal from where I live. So if you’re able to eat three times a day, you’re already rich to these hundreds of millions of people.

The only way to get out of poverty is to earn money, and earning money requires constant effort. However, some people can’t go out of poverty because greedy people won’t give a chance for others to improve their lives.

Drone shot of Mumbai showing the disparity between rich and poor communities.
From Business Insider.

Convenience in life is expensive, and sadly, many people will not be able to experience it. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll stop working and dreaming. If we choose to waste our time, good opportunities will just pass by us. We may not be able to afford everything we need, but at least we have something to eat if we work.

If we want convenience, we must not stop working. And if we get out of poverty and start earning decent money, we must not forget to help those in need. Don’t be greedy but instead help others to improve their lives. I wrote a separate article discussing who we should help (in my opinion): When You Should and Shouldn’t Help.

“Can I relax once I live the life I’ve dreamed of?”

The most successful people don’t relax much. They constantly think of ways to earn money and improve their current situation. Working has become part of their habits, and they can’t sleep well if they haven’t accomplished anything in a day. Bill Gates is already 66 as of this writing, but he is still active even if he has all the resources to relax for the rest of his life. Many successful people don’t stop working until they die. Whatever their personal reasons are, I don’t know.

If you want to relax, you can but probably for not too long. Earning money is difficult, but spending all of it is just one transaction away. Spend wisely, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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