Note: The article is not about BLM. It is about injustice in general.

Once you have suffered from injustice, it’s very difficult to forgive and forget. But that’s just the sad reality. We can’t erase injustice in this world. We just have to deal with it, and probably take action when we can but the powerful remains powerful, and the weak can only do as much.

That’s when faith comes in. Atheists don’t have faith as they don’t believe in any god or religion. I’m proud to have faith and I’m proud to be a devout Christian. Faith has helped me through a lot of difficult problems. One fervent prayer and the anxiety goes away. It reminds me that there is a loving God who can always see me and even if I die right here, right now, I know that there is an afterlife to look forward to. It brings an inexplicable peace to the heart.

So whenever I feel enraged because of injustice, I always look up and tell myself, “everything will end”. The bad guys will also perish like me. I do not wish them to suffer but I wish them to realize their mistakes and change for the better. But honestly, it’s extremely difficult to do. The most difficult commandment for me is to “love thine enemies.” Try it and you will see.

If you are carrying something heavy, talk to your loved ones. Talk even to strangers! I’m not kidding. Though the odds of finding a good friend among strangers are low, the possibility is never zero. I’m a living witness that you can find good friends among strangers.

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Injustice will never end, but the world offers a lot of good things as well. And if problems seem to be never-ending, don’t lose hope. I urge you to pray, to have faith, and to believe in something unseen. It’s not being crazy. You can feel it.

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