Genuine Things

We now live in a world where genuine is something that is not very common. We seek for genuine products, genuine friends, genuine laughter, genuine relationships, among many others. While we sometimes settle for less, I believe, if given the chance, we’d always go for genuine.

Fake products has become rampant for the simple reason that they are more affordable albeit having less quality. From appliances to perfumes to food, there are so many fakes out there that we may not even know yet. It is alarming, yes, but it is quite inevitable I guess. The global population is growing rapidly and to meet the needs of billions of people, manufacturing process is sped up with the quality being frequently compromised. Some even make hilarious imitations such as this one:

Have you tasted Kat Kot?

True friends are also difficult to find nowadays. Social media has enabled people from around the world to connect with each other but sadly, many take advantage of others usually to get money. You don’t know who is genuinely concerned about you. If you’ve been active on social media for several years, you may already have at least a couple of experience about this.

Social media is also full of fake activities. Posting on social media that you’re happy even though you’re sad or you’re doing exercise but in reality you just post it to get attention or validation. I’m not against posting activities on social media, I am against the intent in using the platform. Let’s be real, guys. The problem is we always think what others will think of us, to the point that we don’t show genuine feelings anymore. Also, there’s a thin line between being frank and being rude. Be frank to get your message across, but refrain from being rude as it just builds walls among people.

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on

Have you seen a video of a child laughing or reacting to something? What do you feel? Children are the most genuine people in this world. While it’s true that children fake their cries sometimes to get attention, but their reactions are the most real. If they say they love you, there’s no doubt that it’s true. That’s why as a parent you have to be real with your child as well because they could be very disappointed when you deceive them. If adults would only be like children in being genuine and pure, this world would be a lot better place.

Photo by Archie Binamira on

Lastly, romantic relationships nowadays are as fragile as a bubble. People would just get into relationships like crazy without thinking about anything. Mind you, this is a serious issue. Because of this problem, teenage pregnancies, divorces, and broken families are on the rise. This is mostly because of poor management of relationships. Many people do not take relationships seriously so they just dive into one and one day they’re already deep into a bad relationship. As a result, they get into depression, do stupid things, and become unproductive members of society. I can give you more details about this but you probably already know the drastic effects of bad relationships on people.

If you want to go into a relationship, be serious about it and build a happy family.

Photo by Elina Fairytale on

I yearn for genuineness, and so are you. We can only find more genuine things in this world if we start ourselves being genuine. Let’s spread truth and not lies. Let us not contribute to the already sickening toxicity in social media and in real life.

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