Why We Should Work “More”

What we do in life defines who we are. Whether we read books, write stories, share knowledge, make music—these all contribute to who we are and what we will become.

I believe that successful people have excellent time management skills and they are rarely hindered by laziness. By the way, I do not define being successful as having tons of money, no, I define it as being able to do what we love because when we start doing what we are passionate at, there will always be a beautiful result. Money may come after, but not always. People who become successful started with a vision and they worked their way up no matter how hard.

In all areas of life, excellent time management skill is always useful. Time is the most expensive resource we can expend. If we decide to spend one hour doing something, it’s gone forever. So whenever we decide to spend our time, we should think about the benefits it will bring us. If you love wasting time, then you’re the most extravagant person I know.

If you want to be successful in life, manage your time. Whether you do it in your head or write on a planner, just do it. Plan even your rests. Depending on your state of health, your body may require to rest more than an average person so take note of that as well. If you think you need to rest, then rest. Do not abuse your body too much or else it could take a toll on your health.

Planning almost everything may sound absurd or stressful at first, but the truth is time moves very fast and little you realize, you’re already old. In my experience, I only feel fulfilled at the end of the day if I spent my time fruitfully, and I feel lonely if I think I just wasted my time.

A friend of mine just told me a story of hers recently. She was able to close big deals at her job almost consecutively. She couldn’t believe herself as well, but I’m quite sure how she did it. She puts her heart at her job and she is an excellent time manager. Of course she has serious skills, but no matter how good you are, if you don’t know how to manage your time properly, you will most likely fail.

Time management involves sacrifice. You must adhere to your schedule even if it’s uncomfortable. The thing is, if it’s already uncomfortable, we tend to stop doing what we’re supposed to do. My friend painstakingly read hundreds of pages just to get everything right, and she did.

As I’ve mentioned, successful people are rarely hindered by laziness. Moreover, they even work more than the others, even if it’s already out of their job description (but not in a bad way, like being a jerk who takes others’ job). If you work in a company, you have a specific role to perform and you must do it correctly. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything else. You might say, “I’m only paid to do this. I’m not gonna do that as well.” While you are technically correct, having that mindset will not enable you to grow. You can always make a suggestion to improve the current processes, to make the customers more satisfied, to make the employees more engaged, etc. You see, businesses are dynamic. Those who do not embrace change will eventually fall. That’s why we always need to think proactively because it’s when we can think of ideas that might even change our careers forever.

The journey to success will only start if you move forward. Ask yourself, “Do I really want to stay this way?” Make those ideas become a reality. Work more than you can usually do. Find your passion and blossom through that passion.

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