Why ‘Cancel Culture’ Will Just Make Everything Worse

Imagine having a bad day and you posted something hurtful or controversial on social media. And then your post became viral and people just hate your entire being for that single post alone even if you already deleted it and apologized for it.

Imagine you’re a content creator and you’re doing your best to provide quality contents to your followers. And then one day you f*cked up. Because of that you’re bashed by millions of people for that single mistake, and they already forgot the good contents you did in the past years.

I think you already know where I’m getting at.

While it’s true that we should always be responsible for our actions, there is no guarantee that we’ll not make mistakes no matter how careful we are.

Social media has become so toxic as people are free to post and comment almost anything they want. And because of that, others become hesitant to share their opinion because they are afraid to be ‘canceled’ and be bullied online.

Even if a person committed a serious mistake, it doesn’t mean that he or she could not change for the better. What if you yourself made a mistake and you realized later that you’re wrong, do you want to be canceled or do you want to be given another chance?

People make mistakes because we have weaknesses and we don’t know everything. All of us should understand that. But sometimes we become so inconsiderate that we refuse to know more, to understand more.

This happens in politics as well. Some people are extremely loyal to their chosen candidates to the point that they twist the words of other candidates to make them look bad. It’s very toxic.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that canceling someone or something is always wrong. There are extreme cases that we should cancel a person or an ideology that could bring destruction to us, like terrorism. We should never support someone or something that aims to destroy or exploit.

To sum up, here are the reasons why ‘cancel culture’ will just make everything worse if not done correctly:

  1. Removes people’s chance to change for the better.
  2. Causes fear to people who want to express their opinion.
  3. Hinders progress. How? People who have good ideas could cower from this culture.
  4. Promotes insensitivity rather than opening minds to truth.

Instead of ‘cancel culture’, let’s rather support ‘change culture.’ Let’s give people the chance to change. Know their story. Understand what they’re going through. If you’re not interested in knowing the truth, just shut up rather than posting blindly on social media.

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