Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful. We may have shed a lot of tears, but if we look at the good things that are happening around the world, I would still say that life is beautiful.

You must not condemn your existence even if you feel that everything is against you. You may have done a series of bad decisions but maybe it’s not too late to get out of a bad situation. Maybe you can still turn things around.

If there is one important thing that you shouldn’t lose, it’s hope. I remember an interview with a typhoon victim who lost her home. She said that she was still thankful that God kept her alive. She knew that all the material things she lost can be gained again but not her life.

Life is beautiful when we share it with others. I cannot imagine myself living alone in an island without any social interactions at all. We must be always willing to listen to the stories of others because we can always learn something from their personal experience and apply it in our lives.

I’ve had my fair share of experience with bad people, but it doesn’t change my views in life. Bad people will never go away. It’s impossible to deal with them but let’s pray that they will change. Let’s still do good things to them and maybe they will realize their mistakes because of our good deeds.

Life is beautiful, we just have to know where to look. If we always find faults, we’ll never see the good things even if they are happening right in front of us.

Life is beautiful if we forgive. We don’t want to carry the burden of hatred all our lives. Let our mantra be, “forgive and forget.” Some trespasses might be severe, but let’s remember that everything will end. Our lives will end and we’ll just become a memory to the living, and we don’t want to be remembered as someone who didn’t forgive. So let’s forgive, move on, and be happy with our lives.

Life is beautiful.

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