Seeking Attention in Modern Times

Since we were children we have been seeking attention primarily from our parents, guardians or siblings. Children like to be noticed, seen, and praised regularly. They have the need for constant attention and validation maybe because they are still uncertain of many things and still finding out the meaning of things.

But as we grow old, we develop awareness. We become more knowledgeable and we understand more things than before. We are not like children anymore who are carefree. There are traits in children that we should retain such as forgiving easily and not holding grudges. But constant attention-seeking should not be one of those traits.

Attention-seeking per se is not bad. It just becomes bad because of the intent of seeking attention. Today, there are numerous social media platforms that millions of people use everyday. You will notice that only a few produce quality contents and the rest are trash. Sorry for the term, but why would I watch a short clip from TikTok, for example, of a person telling corny jokes, a person flaunting his or her body, or a person dancing that has no talent in dancing at all? Why in the world would I want to waste my precious time in those things?

I follow some people in social media who mainly produce quality contents, like doctors who share their knowledge about medicine especially this time of pandemic. I’m not against posts about entertainment as the world really needs that now, but many people are becoming delusional in using social media platforms. They post contents that will just make you say, “What the f*ck did I just watch?”

Those who post quality contents are seeking attention, too, but their intention is to help or to genuinely entertain. They want people to see their contents because they want to help people. Usually they spend a lot of time in preparation because they run through their videos many times before they publish them. For example, the content creators Nas Daily and Doctor Mike. If you have watched some of their videos, you would just love them. Their intention is to provide important information to the people and the reason why there are so many who follow them is because they are just very good at what they do. But sadly, these types of content creators are not the ones who are most followed. Most people follow those who look good, who are already famous (bandwagon), who are flaunting their flawless bodies, etc. You know what I mean.

If you are a content creator yourself, please, put quality in your contents that will make watching them worthwhile. If you want to be famous (and make money along the way), put more effort into it. Don’t post just for the sake of getting attention, because the kind of attention that you will get for trashy contents is not genuine attention as well. Your videos may get thousands of views because people just browse through everything; it does not mean that they loved your videos. And if they loved them, most likely they will share it with their friends. And that’s how you get audience organically, because of the quality of your contents.

I did not write this to be a killjoy, but I don’t want people to look pathetic in their videos. Most importantly, it would be better for people to spend their time watching informative and educational videos, correct? While entertainment is endless, knowledge is also endless, so we should choose the better option in spending our precious time. We tend to be stingy with our money, but sadly not with our time.

We live in a society where information is immediately available through the power of the internet. Let’s use it wisely. Let’s end ignorance.

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