Pursuit of Happyness

I rewatched the movie Pursuit of Happyness. If you haven’t struggled financially ever in your life, you will not fully understand the feeling of having almost nothing and being uncertain of what to eat the next day. I don’t know the exact feeling as well, but I can imagine the humiliation of not being able to pay rent and being homeless for the first time in your life.

By the way if you haven’t watched it, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

I live in a poor country, the Philippines. I have a stable job now but who knows what will happen (I have friends who got retrenched recently). I don’t have a lot of savings so I will need to find a new job immediately if the same thing happens with me. The problem is that it’s difficult to find a good job because of the competition and the required skills which are fast evolving. So yes, I’m always hoping and praying for the best.

Back to the movie. Chris Gardner made a mistake by putting all his lifesavings on luxurious bone scanners which he didn’t fully understand. He was too hopeful and didn’t calculate the risk. Eventually, it cost him his relationship and put him on the edge.

But Chris was innately smart. He expanded his connections and still took huge risks along the way. His extraordinary determination and endurance eventually led him to success. There were times that he would break down but he just didn’t give up. He had faith in himself. He believed in his capabilities. He did not mind going to the office with the same set of clothes as yesterday. He did not mind if one of his shoes got lost. He did not mind if he ride the train or go to work without taking a decent bath first. Most importantly, he didn’t lose faith in God despite all these things.

Also, Chris was the exact opposite of lazy, and that is because he didn’t lose hope! Because if you don’t have any hope left, why would you keep going and keep fighting? Chris had a goal and he focused on that goal no matter what. He was uncertain of tomorrow, yes, but he kept going and going until he saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t always pass the blame!

Many people aren’t like Chris. They would immediately pass the blame to the government why they are poor, not realizing the fact that there is a myriad of reasons why their situation is like that. While the government plays a huge role to its citizen’s success and well-being, we as individuals are responsible for the most of it. Instead of wasting hours upon hours posting and debating on social media about the government’s lapses, let’s use our precious time and energy to be productive. I’m not saying that we should stay silent, I’m saying that there are lots of other better things to do. Remember that above all governments in the world, there is God. I personally believe that we are in the end times and it will only get worse no matter what we do and no matter what all governments do. I’m not saying that we should just accept what’s there, I’m saying that don’t put too much time and effort changing something that is out of your control.

God has promised eternal life in Heaven. That is our ultimate goal. It’s okay to dream of having a nice house and cars but we should not forget that this life is only temporary, not to mention that it’s very fragile. And if we become successful in life, let’s not forget to give back and help those who are in need. Our true happiness will not be achieved by loving ourselves, it’s actually by loving others. We will be deceiving ourselves if we say we are truly happy just by having what we want, materially speaking.

Anxiety and depression

If you have watched the movie, Chris’s situation was depressing. His partner left him as she couldn’t take their situation anymore. They lost their home. Everything fell apart. If you were in his shoes, what would you think? Would you question God why the entire universe seems to be against you? What would you do?

Depression is not a joke. I am no expert on the matter, but I believe that having hope can lessen, if not eliminate, depression. Our outlook in life is extremely important and it is the strength of Chris. He believed that he can still do something so he lived on. He was aware of his mistakes and he didn’t want to repeat those. He was also a man of color and he may have experienced unjust treatments, but he didn’t let intimidation get in the way.

I want to share with you a video about overcoming depression and anxiety. Hope you’ll like it!

We all have different situations in life and if we still haven’t found the answer, we should just keep looking for it. Most importantly, pray for it. As long as there is food on the table and a roof over your head, you should be thankful for it. Because the truth is, not all of us can be rich. It’s just the way of life. But then again, if we can do something about it, then let’s do it like Chris did.

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