Diary Entry #1

I have a part-time job now and I’m writing a health book as a ghost writer. Actually the original plan was, I was only tasked to do the research and write the outline but it turns out that I’m writing almost the whole thing. It’s very difficult because I should be careful of everything that I write, so most of the time I re-research my facts or else I might end up having someone getting sick. As you know, nowadays, even if the internet is widely available, people are still lazy confirming facts. They just believe right away. I was once like that but I’ve changed. Oh, I remember the times when I was so gullible lol.

So yeah, this part-time job is consuming a lot of my energy so I pause once in a while. I literally get headaches. And I’m not that good of a writer, in fact I’m ashamed calling myself a writer because my vocabulary is limited and my writing style is so basic. But yeah I still tell people that I’m a writer for job opportunities like this one. And guess what? I’ve been doing these part-time writing jobs since 2018. I just don’t earn a lot, but it’s better than nothing. Also, it takes time for me to write so I’m not like the others who could finish up an article in one sitting. I strive to improve but I guess I’ve almost reached my limit.

So when my brain is already tired of thinking, I sometimes play the piano. But playing the piano makes me sleepy and I shouldn’t sleep or else I’ll accomplish nothing. I usually start to write at 10 pm because my shift ends at 8 pm, and I still need to wash the dishes sometimes (most of the time my wife does it because I’m the one who cooks usually) and clean whatever that needs cleaning. In the morning I try to do some exercise so you know, not to get too fat because I’ll be just sitting all day.

I guess that’s my entry for tonight. My eyes already feel tired and my head is aching now again.

Thank God for this day.

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