Beautiful memories of the past
The vibrant colors of the old days
I long for you, you have fled so fast
To the joyful years this old heart stays

The warmth of the sun and the cold air
Leaves rustling and lovely birds singing
Problems were none and I did not care
Strolled through life as if I were sleeping

Trodden a path with a hopeful heart
Reached for the stars while leaving the old
Young I was who longed for a fresh start
Feet were not cold and ne’er did I fold

Forged new memories, dreaming for more
Climbed up the ladder, blinded by rank
Opened my wings, to the clouds I soar

Looked down below, my weary heart sank

Oh how I miss the wonderful past
On the ground I should have kept my feet
Now my dreadful time has come at last
Only God I am hoping to meet

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