Why A Good Pen Is A Must For Writers

I am quite meticulous on the quality of pens that I use since I was in grade school. As a student, I may have written hundreds if not thousands of pages until college, so a good pen was a must. However, since I didn’t have the luxury to buy expensive pens, I struggled on finding cheap pens that could write smoothly.

The problem with cheap pens is that the quality is very inconsistent. If you bought 5 pens of the same kind, there’s a big chance that they would write differently, and you would be very lucky if there’s one one that is of good quality.

Nowadays, writing is done more on electronic devices, which is good because it offers all sorts of features such as cloud backup and grammar checking. In my case, I usually write via computer and even through my phone. While it is more efficient, there are times that you would prefer writing on paper. Moreover, you may have read the study that writing on paper is much more effective in learning and remembering (even if you don’t have a good penmanship).

If you are a writer, you would definitely write on paper one way or another. There is a different feeling when you feel the friction of the pen on the paper, at least for me. You can also draw quickly and make doodles. Maybe what I really want to say is that, writing gives a personal touch. That’s why we write on greeting cards instead of printing on them.

In my experience, writing using a bad pen adds more fatigue to the hand. A good pen writes smoothly and the ink flows continuously. Bad pens are the opposite, so your hand would use more force because the pen’s friction on paper is too much. There are already lots of good pens out there in a fraction of the price as compared to high-end brands. If you write on paper regularly, spend a little bit more for your pen if you have the budget. 😉

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