Perks of Sleep Deprivation

When we deprive ourselves of sleep, we feel tired, weak, and dizzy. Scientifically speaking, there is no benefit from cutting down the hours of our sleep. I can’t remember how many times I was deprived of sleep but so far, I’m still alive lol. I think that with healthy diet, vitamins, and exercise, our bodies can survive without ample sleep.

I do not recommend depriving yourself of sleep without a good reason. I deprive myself of sleep (if I can) if I have something important to do. Because the reality is, 24 hours a day is very short to do everything. Here’s a quick breakdown:

24 hours
– 7 hours (sleep) -> 17 hours remaning
– 30 mins (bath in the morning) -> 16.5 hours remaining
– 30 mins (bath in the evening) -> 16 hours remaining
– 30 mins (cooking breakfast) -> 15.5 hours remaining
– 30 mins (eating breakfast) -> 15 hours remaining
– 1 hour (cooking lunch) -> 14 hours remaining
– 30 mins (eating lunch) -> 13.5 hours remaining
– 1 hour (cooking dinner) -> 12.5 hours remaining
– 30 mins (eating dinner) – > 12 hours remaining
– 8 hours (work) -> 4 hours remaining
– 1 hour (social life like talking with friends, browsing social media, reading the news) -> 3 hours remaining
– 1.5 hours (various household chores like washing the dishes, doing laundry, ironing clothes, cleaning) -> 1.5 hours remaining
– 30 mins (exercise) -> 1 hour remaining
– 30 mins (toilet time (cumulative)) -> 30 mins remaining
– 30 mins (“me” time like praying, meditation, reflection)

This is my typical day in a work from home setup. You may notice that this doesn’t include transportation which takes up at least 3 hours to and from the office. Also, this doesn’t include the possibility of overtime at work, cooking meals that require longer preparation time, and activities that I want to do like playing the piano to destress or writing this blog for example. So what other choice do I have but to cut down my sleep?

I’ve been cutting down my sleep since grade school as far as I can remember. Back then it was either to study or to play my favorite video games. So I must say that I’m used to it but I do not deny that it’s still very difficult to get out of bed very early in the morning. It’s one of the worst feelings but once I’ve drank my coffee, my feeling gets a lot better.

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So what are the perks of depriving yourself of sleep? Well the answer is obvious: you’ll be able to do more things. Because again, the reality is that 24 hours is very short to do everything you need and you want. Just make sure that you’re eating healthy foods to give the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

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