Dreams To Pursue In Life

Not everything that we dream of is the best for us. We dream of a lot of things in life but most likely not all of them will come true. I may sound pessimistic, but this is just the reality. Even the most successful people have regrets and longings because the hard truth is, we cannot have it all.

I dreamed of becoming a scientist when I was a kid. That dream was (and still is) very achievable but I did not choose it because it was not practical. We’re not rich so I took a computer course because that’s where the money is. Now I am still not rich but I am able to sustain myself, get a roof over my head, and not depend on my parents. I am also able to help other people when I have extra. So I may not have reached my dreams but I am happy which is more important.

“So I may not have reached my dreams but I am happy which is more important.”

Yes, there will always be longing for more. You will want to buy things until you get satisfied. If you are still unsatisfied with the amount of money you make, then you have to make a choice.

But you must also understand that there could be consequences in reaching your dreams. You may have the money, but you may also lose time with other things that you are passionate about. Generally, the bigger the income is, the greater the stress and the responsibility. But it’s really up to you if you can handle it. After all, we all have our own capacity. That’s why people with higher intelligence tend to accomplish more things in less time.

“Think of the things that might happen in the future if you choose the path you want to take.”

So if you think your potential is not fully utilized with what you are doing right now, then maybe it’s time to look for other opportunities. However, always weigh your options. Think of the things that might happen in the future when choosing the path you want to take.

Around 3 years ago, I got two job offers. One is a project manager role and one is a support analyst role. These are two very different paths so I carefully thought about it. I considered the salary and benefits, the location, the job description, and the workplace. Money-wise, the project manager role is more promising, but I know very well that it is more stressful. I was worried with many things so I took the “easier” path. It seems that I chose the right path because I made great friends and I was able to use my talents at work because of employee interest groups (which the other company did not have). I may sound lazy as I took the easier path but I had big plans coming like planning a wedding, so I needed the time back then.

But then, we must take challenges and get out of our comfort zones because there is no progress in it. Challenges may include sacrificing personal time, sleeping late, and spending/ investing money for self-improvement. All successful people have sacrificed sleep because time is very limited to accomplish things. So if you think you still waste your precious time on nonsignificant things, then maybe it’s time to take some challenges. Always remember that unless we start, we’ll not accomplish anything.


  1. Accept the reality that you may not reach all of your dreams.
  2. Be practical, unless you are financially supported by your family.
  3. Always carefully weigh your options, especially if the right choice isn’t obvious.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone to improve.
  5. Unless you start, you will not accomplish anything.

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