Battling Loneliness Through The Word of God

In the past 8 months, I have been working from home because of the pandemic. Work and personal life have never overlapped this much before, however, I am still thankful to God because I still have a job which millions of people around the world lost.

This pandemic is without doubt depressing. People are starving, and some resorted to stealing and crime because of poverty. Most governments were not able to implement safety measures immediately so the virus spread like wildfire. On top of it, some countries even battled their own problems like the devastating bushfires in Australia, the Black Lives Matter protests, and the explosion in Beirut. So if you are living a comfortable life right now, you SHOULD be thankful.

Sadly, some people still suffer from depression even if they have all the necessities in life. Even if they have plenty of food to eat, a comfortable bed to rest, a sturdy shelter to live in, and a stable job, they are still engulfed in loneliness. Indeed, not only material things will make a person truly happy and contented. There is a deeper reason why a person, despite all the comfort in life, still suffers from depression.

I believe that God won’t forsake His children. God is Almighty and He will do everything to help people overcome their depression. So if we believe that we are one of the children of God, we have an assurance and security from the One who created everything.

I know an old couple who are poor for the most of their lives. They are thin and wear very simple clothes. I got the chance to talk with them last year and it just inspired me to work harder. I never heard them complain about life. I know they don’t eat three times a day but they are always full of hope. Their smiles are contagious. Do you know what makes them happy? Faith. They have an unwavering faith which keeps them going and going no matter how hard life is.

Last October 2, 3, and 4, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) held its quarterly Special Pasalamat ng Buong Bayan, or Special Thanksgiving of God’s People. This year, because of the pandemic, we hold our events through online conferences in compliance with the safety protocols. This quarterly 3-day event is one of the most awaited events throughout the year because we always learn something new from the Bible. Most importantly, we are able to thank God altogether for all His kindness especially these trying times.

During and after the event, I could feel the warmth of God’s love for His children. The more you understand the words of God, the more you understand His plans and intentions. There is life after death. And the eternal life that is promised by God is nothing to be compared to the life that we have now.

Medical experts can help us with our mental health but I believe that above all, God can cure our depression. We have different bad experiences in life, like poor choices, traumas, and mistakes that we deeply regret. However, as long as we live, God gives us hope. Let us always pray not only for ourselves but for the entire world that this pandemic may end.

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