Sharing knowledge: Why it is good for us

I believe that sharing is innate to humans. We share not only knowledge but also our resources. Sometimes, even if we don’t have enough for ourselves, we still share because we feel happiness when others are relieved.

A bit of throwback

8 years ago, I started to work in the IT industry. I literally had no idea where I was good at. I just absorbed all the knowledge I could along the way. I read hundreds (if not thousands) of pages and spent many nights in the office. I struggled, but my determination was stronger than my excuses.

My officemates back then also helped me learn and I thank them. There were times that I needed spoon-feeding because I was still a newbie in everything. In less than a year, I can say I was able to stand on my own already because I don’t want to disturb other people as much as possible.

Benefits of sharing knowledge

Are there really benefits of sharing knowledge? YES!

In my fourth year in the IT company, I started to manage people. Being a leader of a team does not mean only assigning tasks to them, but also sharing what you know because if you know nothing, how can you gain respect?

Sharing knowledge is also teaching and when we teach, it helps us to be more proficient because the information is imprinted more to our brain.

By the way, before I worked in the IT industry, I was an IT instructor for a year. I taught classes from 7:30 in the morning until 9:30 in the evening. In my experience, I was able to explain the topic more effectively in later classes because as I repeated it, I gained mastery.

When to limit sharing knowledge

Your knowledge is your asset. It what makes you valuable. While it is not bad to share, sharing too much is not good either. It’s kind of unfair just to share something that you studied for weeks, right? So when should you limit sharing?

If you have a colleague who has already spent years in the company and still asks the most basic questions, this is where you should draw the line. Also, even if the question is difficult, you should not tell them everything. Give them information to get them started and let them learn on their own. As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Sharing gives a sense of purpose

There is a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when we help others. That feeling of fulfillment will even be greater when we are thanked by the people we helped. Most importantly, it gives us a sense of purpose that motivates us to get up every morning. On the other hand, being selfish will never make us happy, always remember that.

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