Wow! 10 years! ❤️

10 years

What I can say is that thank God for giving me life up to this day. I do not actually consider myself as a blogger as I rarely post articles, but I’m happy that I’m still able to share my thoughts and hopefully help other people in my own little way.

I have already forgotten why I registered on WordPress in the first place. Maybe I really wanted to be a blogger before, but as it turns out, I am just someone who wants to let information out of his head occasionally by writing and sharing it with other people.

There are many times that I can’t sleep due to thinking so I write my thoughts down. In many cases, I save them as draft and eventually just delete them. Because what I really want to share with others are not the negative and insignificant ones, but the ones that can be of help.

So again, thank God for the 10 years on WordPress! ❤️

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