How do you motivate yourself?

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Everyone needs motivation. It’s the thing that keeps us going despite the challenges and exhausting mundane tasks. As long as we have a strong motivation to move forward, we would be achieving things consistently and sometimes, even way beyond our expectations.

People have different approaches to life. Some have laid out plans and some are just going along with the flow, enjoying life as it is. Some have specific goals and some have pretty general goals like having a good stable source of income, a nice shelter, and a loving family to come home to. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of people who refuse to have any goals at all but I don’t blame them entirely, especially if they had a difficult childhood and/or had depressing experiences along the way that hold them from moving forward.

I have listed down some items which I believe one must have to be able to achieve things in life:

1. Timely and realistic objectives.

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What is your current situation right now? Do you see something that you can improve on at the moment? Do you think you need to focus on your health (either physical or mental)?

List down a few objectives and do your best to accomplish them. Start with simple objectives that do not require a lot of time to finish, like waking up early or doing household chores regularly. They have to be simple enough that you don’t really need the motivation to do them.

You may have heard of the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). This is also, of course, applicable but I didn’t discuss this to keep it short.

2. A good circle of friends.

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Aside from your family and/or spouse (if you have one), it is healthy to have a circle of friends that you can trust, even though your relationship to them isn’t too deep. Do not shut good people out of your life. You have to be wary, though, because if you really want to be better, befriend those who are stable and mature. Make friends with people who can give you sound advice or slap you with the truth whenever you need it.

3. The right amount of confidence.

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Developing confidence might be too difficult for some people especially those who were traumatized by humiliation. I am in no position to give advice to those people as I am not a psychologist. I just want to say that confidence is required to move forward.

If you are overcome by shyness, how can you apply for that job that you want? How can you answer the interviewer’s question properly? How can you make friends? Yes, we need confidence and we need to develop them little by little, no matter how difficult.

4. Faith

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Have faith in yourself and most of all, have faith in God (that is if you believe in God but I encourage you to do so if you do not). Anyway, having faith in yourself means believing what you can do. It gives you optimism even if you fall multiple times along the way. If you begin to say “I can’t do it”, then that’s the start of failing. Always remember that a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

Once you stop, it’s impossible to go further. We have individual lives. No matter how people try to help us, if we do not help ourselves, we will not reach anything. Once we stop, it’s the end of the line for us.

5. Humility

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This is part of my philosophy and I believe most people will agree. Moreover, the Bible teaches this as well. I believe that if you always humble yourself, God will lift you up. Also, most people tend to repel an arrogant and egocentric attitude so if you refuse to be humble, you will have a hard time having friends who you can depend upon.

The list goes on, but these are the top five things for me to get going. Once you get started, you will find your motivation along the way. For me, having a purpose in life gives me motivation, and I believe that this applies to all people. Let’s find our purpose and be an asset to the community.

Always remember that what we think of ourselves is relevant to what we want to become. 🙂

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