We Filipinos are resilient and that’s a quality I’m very proud of as a Filipino. We have strong faith and we don’t easily lose hope. The good part is, we don’t move forward alone. We help each other out and we don’t leave somebody behind. While being divided by geography, dialects, and beliefs, Filipinos can unite and stand as one.

I don’t believe that Filipinos are lazy people. We are classified as a third world country because of generations of corruption, not because that we are too lazy to contribute to the community. In fact, many Filipinos take huge risks working abroad. They make sacrifices by leaving their loved ones for a better future. See, if the majority of the Filipinos are lazy, we would see many people starving to death.

We’ve got big issues in our country but I don’t sense hopelessness. We’ve got drug problems, waste management problems, pollution, traffic, corruption, and many more, but I still see people looking for solutions for these seemingly unending problems. Take Mayor Isko of the city of Manila for example. He knows how to deal with such big problems by starting on the small ones. He also knows that he can’t do it all by himself so he asks for the help of his people. He listens to their woes and provides help when possible. He bonds with them on the streets. He shares the same resiliency as the masses. He’s not like a king who’s sitting comfortably on his throne and hiding inside his well-guarded castle.

You know what, it’s not too late. Let us prove to the world that our resiliency can overcome any obstacles. Taal Volcano recently erupted and still spews ash as of this writing. Help is coming from all over the country. Let us continue to do good even if we don’t have much. We are Filipinos and we are resilient.

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