2019 to 2020

If I could point out one thing that I learned in life, that one thing that made an impact on me greatly, is that being a perfectionist will only cause a huge disappointment.

While it is good and beneficial to strive for excellence in all our endeavors, we cannot erase the fact that we err always. We don’t always make the best decisions and we fail no matter how perfect our plans are. Obviously, the reason is that not everything is within our control. Even if it is already within our control, sometimes we just find ourselves failing miserably. That’s why expecting everything to come out perfectly will only make us feel really, really bad.

We all want a perfect life. We want to have enough money to spend on our needs and wants, we want to have a perfect family, we want to have friends and no enemies. We don’t want to have problems, we don’t want drastic changes in our lives, we don’t want any uncertainty that may derail us from our plans. We want not only consistency but constant improvement in many aspects of our lives, if not all.

The thing is, it’s not always possible. But we can be optimistic even if things get ugly. Let’s do our best to keep everything together no matter how difficult life is. Yes, things could be extremely difficult to turn around, but it’s not always going downhill. Don’t lose hope.

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