A Horrible Dream

It’s been so long since I had a vivid, horrible dream. It felt so real, the feeling of fear was so real that I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding so hard. I sat up, made every effort remembering all those tiny details. Unfortunately I did not remember everything, nor all the characters who took part in my weird, horrible dream.

I never experienced someone I know who was murdered, especially when you see the bloody, lifeless body in the crime scene yourself. I’ve seen accidents, but it is different from murder. I  cannot find a word to describe the feeling of fear, helplessness, sadness and nervousness combined. And I’ve just experienced it in a dream. It’s like having another world or life when you are alseep, then you suddenly go back to reality. Thankfully I woke up and realized it wasn’t real. I felt great relief afterwards.

I know all of us experience it at least once, but not many of us write it. My dream might be insignificant, but I recorded it in my blog anyway because it gave me chills that I rarely feel.

I decided not to share the details that I remember, especially the person who was murdered, for obvious reasons. Although it was only a dream, it would be better if I keep it only to myself.

Let us pray and take care always.

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