Gullible Minds (You’re in danger)

Easily cheated. Easily deceived.

All actions produced from a conscious mind are products of intention, of the heart. However, some people deceive other people by devising actions that are different from the heart’s true intent. For example, one can be polite to other person to gain his trust, and at the end, betray him. In the duration of that deception are tons of lies and bended truths. Because of this, having an observant mind is like having an inexhaustible lantern in an endless cave void of light. It is a strength that will save you from true danger.

One can tell other persons’ motives simply by observing behavioral patterns, mannerisms, tone of voice, and the like. Some people are very careful with their actions, and these are the people who are difficult to observe. Some people find it difficult to pretend, and these are the people who are more transparent with their intentions. Some people decide to be transparent, despite of their ability to conceal their intentions.

Do you have an observant mind? Can you deduce from the observed facts to know other people’s true intentions? Or are you the one who’s expert in deceiving other people?

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