5 Things You Do With Your Smartphone That Waste Your Precious Time

Of course these are not accurate (I did not do any statistics stuff), and only based from my own experience. What I see is what I deliver. Comment if you’d like to add!

1. You play games. LOTS of it.

You can’t just help it. Who’s still playing the Candy Crush Saga? How many hours in a day you devote in playing games on your smartphone? Believe me, even if you finish the entire game, there’s not much fulfillment. Games are there to entertain you when you’re bored or when you’re pooping.  They are not there for you to focus on! Oh, I believe many will disagree!

I grew up playing video games, from Family Computer to Windows 3.1 games to PlayStation to latest PC games.  Once in my life I got addicted that I slept late and woke up early (some will say they do not sleep). Gamers will relate. BUT, I overcame that addiction and focused on more important things such as reading educational books and practicing my piano skills. 🙂

“Don’t disturb me! I’m playing!!!”

2. You regularly visit the app store.

Who doesn’t want apps? You may not notice it, but you also spend a considerable amount of time in browsing the app store. You want the latest apps and their latest updates. Your’e also searching for the latest games, am I right?

“What’s new today?”

3. You maintain your smartphone.

As smartphones get complex, the maintenance is also much higher. If you really care for your smartphone, you must know how to prolong the battery life and when to stop playing heavy games as you may overheat your phone.

“Baby, you won’t have a scratch, I promise.”

4. You download apps that you don’t actually need.

It’s just tempting to download apps even if you don’t actually need them, especially if you know that your smartphone won’t have hard time in running them. You install them, try them for a day or two, then uninstall. Great!

“I think I need this… Oh wait, why did I even download this?”

5. You surf the internet more than necessary.

You have a quick access to the internet, and yes, this is the thing of the 21st century. Endless knowledge is within your reach. You are part of the web everyday. This is actually good, but can you control yourself?

“I will sleep early today… but it’s already 4 o’clock in the morning.”

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