An Open Letter To Jazel-Ann Balagon De Leon

I don’t know if you are expecting this, but I’ve already told you this in person, that I will make an “open letter” for you. I am not expecting others to read this, however, unless they know us personally.

So what have we got here… You will leave the company very soon, and I assume that you are excited as well as happy. I think you did a great job for almost two years, and that you nurtured your mind with sensible and useful things. I congratulate you for that. You are a positive thinker and you have a habit of considering other stuff before making a judgment, and I also congratulate you for that. Let’s see… You have done a lot, actually, and you made sure that you will leave a legacy.

You inspired me to use my blog again. However, you keep telling me that my manner of writing is very technical and very formal, and that blogging should not be that way. I accept that, as a compliment, actually… You see, I have been this kind of person since I was a child. Changing this attitude would be putting a mask on my entire personality. Thank you, anyway, for pointing that out.

I must say that you are also one of the best people I met in 2013. You keep an open mind and you accept your mistakes. I admire you for that. I expect you to be better and better, with more investigative mind and sound judgment. Be wary of people around you, for they may change your personality and beliefs. Acquire only the good traits, as you are aware.

Congratulations for exercising discipline that you set to yourself. I do not know your motivations nor your inspirations, but you are doing great. Just don’t get too excited and make hasty decisions. Allow yourself to think and plan first before taking an action. It’s just like a wild animal patiently waiting for its prey.

There’s no time to relax“, tell that to your brain. The enemy is always there, lurking in the shadows. Someone is always watching you. A friend? An enemy? I don’t know. Just be vigilant.

I’m not saying any spiritual here, because I have told you a lot already in person (I think). Just read what you need to read, and listen to what you need to listen to.

You will have new set of friends, as it is inevitable. You may find people just like me or far better than me. I am not expecting you to remember me, and don’t also expect me to remember you. You see, I see a lot of fat people nowadays and I can’t seem to point out their differences. Oh c’mon, take a laugh! I’m just kidding!

Thank you for being a nice friend. Go and unleash the monster within you. Just take care, for there are larger and more ferocious monsters out there.

Adiós mi amiga!

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