The Moments of Sacrifice

Nobody wants to sacrifice. Nobody wants to lose something.

You make sacrifices because you strongly believe that you are doing it for the greater good. 

You don’t care if you are not cared.

You don’t care if you are ignored.

You don’t care if you are hurt.

You just continue to achieve your goals. You may lose a lot, but you keep it to yourself. You are lucky if someone voluntarily partake your burdens, because those people are not many. Never expect them to be always around. 

You just look at the sky and appreciate its beauty. You grab the chance to feel the warm breeze touching your skin. These are the moments you treasure. Someone may not be there for you, but you know that God is there for you.

There is joy in sacrifice.

The joy that comes from other’s joy. You are happy when they are safe. You are contented when they are far away from danger. You can rest in peace if they are in good hands…

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