The Perks Of Being The Eldest

This topic came from a dear friend of mine who is a firstborn. She lives happily with her little sister and her mother, and her father works abroad diligently for their family.

There are a lot of things that came to my mind when I heard this topic from her. I can relate because I, too, am a firstborn. This will be difficult for me to organize my thoughts since I have not written for a while. 

In my opinion, the gravity of the word firstborn is realized more when there are siblings, regardless of wealth and social status. If you are the eldest, you are the role model of all your younger brothers and sisters. They look up to you. They trust you. Most of all, they respect you. Being the eldest is undeniably difficult, generally speaking. It is a common knowledge that the firstborn holds the greatest responsibility among his/her siblings.

When you are the eldest, you probably get most of the attention of your parents. Since you are the pride of the family (regardless of gender), most likely you are more disciplined than the others. Your parents want you to finish school and get a degree. They will invest in you so that in the future, you will be able to help them financially. You may think, “No, no, no… I also want to start my own family! How can I do that if all my money goes to the school expenses of all my younger siblings?” If you think of this, you may have a point. First of all, it is not your fault if you have many younger siblings. Maybe you will feel obliged because you love your siblings and your parents, but it is not in the contract (duh!). Well, it is really a pain if you have twelve younger siblings. If that happened to me, I will also feel obliged to help all of them for the simple reason that I love them…

Therefore, being the eldest teaches us to be responsible. Having great responsibility then teaches us to be more disciplined. Just imagine: Your resources are scarce. You know that your siblings may have nothing to eat at dinner. Knowing that, you will sacrifice your lunch to save money for you to be able to buy something for dinner. Well, this just happens for the eldest who loves his/her siblings. I remember one person who ate alone in a restaurant while his siblings had nothing to eat at home. Boils my blood. Anyway, in a normal scenario (and when I say normal, I mean people who have hearts!), the eldest learns to control his/her personal desires for the welfare of his/her siblings. If he/she is hungry, he/she learns to endure it.

So it seems that being the eldest has no perks at all! NO. If you think of that, you are definitely WRONG. If the situation pushes you to be more responsible, it will be a significant trait that you will have until you die. Having more responsibility teaches you to think deeper and be more sensible to the point that many of your friends do not understand you. Yes, that is correct! Not all people carry burdens. Most of us like to be carefree as much as possible. It is not hard to determine those people who are not burdened in life because of the way they talk and act and by the words that usually come from their mouths.

If you are a responsible firstborn, you will have a broader perspective in life, and that gives you better decision-making. At an early age, you will learn how to be independent. If you are reading this and you are not the eldest, you can be responsible, too (of course!). If you really want to succeed in this life, take burdens.

Maybe that’s all for now… Need to wake up early tomorrow. Thank you for giving me this topic. This made me realize more of my responsibilities. I want to write more but I am exhausted as of this moment…

Hey grammarians and scholars, please comment if you notice any errors. I would really appreciate it.

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