It’s Not Easy To Be Humble

It really feels good to write when you have a refreshing peach-flavored Sola by your side.

Nor to be high-minded, too. I have encountered several people in my life who always think of themselves. Most of the time, they ignore other people’s concerns. They want to be praised. They want to be in power. However, I found many of them on the ground, striving for their own lives. Some of them are just waiting for eternal slumber. Well, I’m not surprised. With that kind of attitude they have (and their skills, maybe), they cannot maintain their planes flying above the clouds forever.

I have this principle in life that I acquired from experience. It started when I was in my first year in high school. At 12 years of age, I learned self-discipline. I learned how to control myself, control my desires, control my anger, etc. I started to be observant of other people and learn from their mistakes and experiences. As a result, I was one step ahead of them most of the time.

My secret was, well, I humbled myself. I studied my lectures quietly. I read books in the library quietly. Oh, yes, I love the library. I remember when I was in my second and third grade when I loved to stay in our library because there were many good books! Anyway, what I want to say is, I did not boast anything about myself nor announced to the public my good grades. It’s not just me.

I remember one person when I was in high school who told me, “You’re almost perfect, Lester”. I can’t remember what I replied, though. Of course, I felt a little happy and proud. Why little? Because I was aware of my weaknesses. I was aware that one mistake could take all from me. I could lose everything with one wrong move.

Because of that, I became scared of the consequences that might happen. The greatest effect on me until now is I am afraid to take risks. Well, I take risks in video games because I can always revert back to a previous state, but life is not like that and will never be like that. I love to learn things, but it seems that I cannot learn this stuff at all. How do I take risks confidently? How do I remove this something in my heart?

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