After 3 Years

It really feels good to write when I am listening to music of my choice… However, I think I’m the only one who mostly listens to this genre among my friends. They like pop, rock and rap. I like classical, jazz and praise songs (if I want to cry).

It’s been three years since my last posts… I’ve been too busy in thinking things, doing things, and making others happy. For the span of three years a lot has happened. I don’t even want to talk about most of them. I do not know if I will still be able to organize my thoughts and write a blog such as this, for it has been too busy and too chaotic. 

Oh yes, I learned a lot in three years’ time. When I graduated college, our dean was too kind that he recommended me to teach in our school. I was flattered. Although, of course, I was too inexperienced that I failed in a lot of things. I failed to teach my students 100% of the subjects I taught. However, I did not forget to teach them how to study, and how the world looks like. Well, I think most of my students liked me in some ways. Others hated me because I yelled at them with all my might. I get too furious at times, you know. Even though many of my students were not very likable, I must admit that I loved them. They became part of my life. I treasure them.

After that, I quit teaching and entered the information technology industry. I’ve been here for almost two years now. Oh, and a lot, really, a lot has happened. I read hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of articles, news, learning materials, and Microsoft and IBM documentations. God has been really kind to me that He told my boss to make me team leader of research and development (I was actually the first member). Now we have five members. That’s quite an achievement! I cannot say that I’m already tired doing my job. I have with me my two close friends who have been there for me when I call them (I’ve known them for six years now).

I also made new friends, not just acquaintances.  I also treasure them and I love them. Among them, there’s this person who I became close with and even shared some of my secrets (not the darkest ones, though). I liked this person’s background, and it caught my eye. I told myself, “this person has a quality that he/she does not see yet.” I strongly believe that this person has a bright future lying ahead of him/her. With proper guidance and discipline, he/she can be a precious gem but needs to be taken care of. But I just ruined everything. I made a terrible mistake. A part of me died (???).

Do you know what really grinds my gears? When someone just enters the scene for no particular good reason.

Do you know what else really grinds my gears? When someone just enters the scene to ruin the scene.

To all the grammar nazis out there, please feel free to comment and criticize my blog in your own way. I’d appreciate it. Since I started reading technical documentations, my vocabulary dried up. I have a blogger friend (her name is Jazel-Ann) who really loves to point out grammar and spelling mistakes. I would really love it if you insult my work.

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