The Discipline

Have we ever realized how to spend our lives? Many say, “Spend your life wisely!”, but how? Each day thousands of people die. We are but fragile creatures who strive to live with all our might and intelligence. It is a survival of the fittest. Soon we may think to do things which are not good, things that we may be tempted to do for our personal benefits and for sustaining our wants even if others may suffer because of it. If you think you haven’t thought of it yet, believe me, there’s a huge possibility that it may occur to your heart. Don’t just consider of the really evil intentions, but consider even the smallest details your heart desires.

Our world is overpopulated, and the population is growing rapidly. What could be the result? The number of crimes is increasing alarmingly and nobody can deny that. If we are keen observers, we will see how much darkness is spreading throughout the earth. Have we ever cared to join the “good”? Have we ever assessed ourselves seriously? Are our minds really in an “open state”? What does it mean? An ordinary person may have his or her own perceptions in life, but there still remains the absolute truth. Nobody should say that truth is subjective. Nobody should say that righteousness is subjective. For example, some people say that cigarette smoking is not prohibited especially to adults. On the other hand, some say it must be banned. What should really be done? What is the truth? If you are on one side, you will defend your belief and have your reasons. But what SHOULD we believe in? Is it necessary to believe on one side? Or remain in the neutral side all along? Or do you even care of the issues like this one?

There is a discipline of man that should be practiced until the end of his life. It is for us to search ourselves what kind of discipline is that. Imagine a world without discipline, without laws, without righteousness. Imagine a world of uncertainty. Does it look a good place to live in? Evil is there, it cannot be removed from this world. So as human beings, as long as our minds are not corrupted yet, we must strive to think how to spend our lives WISELY, before it is too late.

4 thoughts on “The Discipline”

  1. Discipline…I chose accounting…XD

    Kidding aside..for me, self-discipline is a strong word…It involves self-control and motivation. Easy said but too difficult to do…kaya maraming sinungaling eh..kasi sasabihin nila hindi na nila gagawin yung ganyan o yung ganito pero few days later, nakalimutan na… (Oops! isa na pala ako diet pero wala naman..haha)

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Indeed, self-discipline is a VERY strong word. It is a never-ending determination. It is a lifetime commitment. I always remember our Lord Jesus Christ when he was in the flesh.

      I PEDRO 4:1
      Kung paano ngang si Cristo ay nagbata sa laman, ay magsandata rin naman kayo ng gayong pagiisip; sapagka’t siya na nagbata sa laman ay nagpapatigil sa kasalanan;

      I PETER 4:1
      Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin;

      I PETER 4:1
      Therefore, since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind, for he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin,

      Correct self-discipline CEASES sin. That is why Christ did not sin. 🙂



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